The Builders (original)

$350.00  The fence in this painting sits on the last privately owned ranch in the Teton National Park outside of Jackson Hole Wyoming. The ranch has to be passed on to family members only, otherwise the property will become part of the National Park. We stayed there a couple of years ago and I was impressed with how the owners were such good stewards of the property and with their respect for the wildlife they share the land with. We would watch the elk wank up into the grassy area right outside our cabin and ride quietly alongside the bison grazing in the valley across from the ranch, always giving them the distance they needed to remain comfortable. The bird watching was spectacular, from bald eagles, sandhill cranes, grouse, and even the little robin I used in the painting. The robin is perched with grass in it's mouth getting ready to build a nest and settle just as the ranchers built their fences out of the natural resources they found in the shadows of the Tetons.

The Builders (original)
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Price $350.00